The Wind Through The Keyhole, Stephen King

As a huge fan of Stephen King, and his epic “Dark Tower” series, I thought it appropriate my first post be about his latest offering in this series:


Thirty years after Stephen King set out on his epic series, widely referred to as his magnum opus, and eight years since the last book in The Dark Tower series, he returns with “The Wind Through The Keyhole”. A well-written book that works both as a stand-alone novel for new comers to the series, it can also be considered as a part of the bigger story, sitting between the fourth and fifth books in the series.

This instalment sees the protagonist, Roland Deschain of Gilead – a member of an almost-extinct order of honourable men known as gunslingers – and his group, as they continue their quest to find the Dark Tower. Having left The Emerald City behind, and the town of Calla Bryn Sturgis still ahead, the group of travellers face a fast-moving and destructive storm, forcing them to take shelter in the old town building of a now-empty town.

During the storm, to while away the dark hours, Roland recounts a story from his past, when he was only a fledging gunslinger of 14. The story tells of a hunt for a mysterious killer, and how he calms a young boy, witness to the killings, with a story from Roland’s childhood.

Well-crafted characters and the brilliant way in which King not only has Roland telling a story of his past, but also a story within in the story, make this a brilliant read. For King’s self-described “ever constant readers”, The Wind Through The Keyhole will bring a happy sense of familiarity in returning to Roland and his group, while bringing a wonderful introduction to those new to the series, and with it a desire to pick up the series and follow the quest to reach The Dark Tower…


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