Discworld hits 30!

2013 sees the 30th Anniversary of Sir Terry Pratchett unleashing the wonderfully quirky, bizarre and crazy Discworld on the world of books. Since then, his followers have been taken on a world tour of weird and wonderful countries, customs and “inhabitants”.

discworld This circular world, sat upon the backs of four large elephants, stood on the shell of a giant space turtle as they glide through space is home to an array of beings you could never imagine finding together! A place filled with people, wizards, witches, trolls, dwarves, gnomes, golems and more, not to mention the many Gods that love to meddle in the lives of those on Discworld, and the dark presence of Death.


The series of 30 books and counting, follows various individuals and groups; from the wizards and witches of the world, the Night Watch – protectors of the “great” city of Ankh-Morpork, Death, and the trouble-finding wizard Rincewind (“Luck is my middle name! But my first name is Bad!”).death

 A wonderfully vivid world with some interesting characters, the Discworld series is full of jokes, humour-light and dark, sarcasm, wit, and on occasion some profound thoughts! Definitely a series that will be hard to break away from after the first, very funny book – The Colour of Magic. Here’s hoping there are still a few more books to come from the creative genius of Sir Terry Pratchett!



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