What goes up, must come down!

So today I headed to Olympic Way, home of Wembley Stadium. 1 Olympic Way to be exact! The home to Rays of Sunshine children’s charity, and the location for me to take a nice Saturday abseil.

After signing in, it was time to wait in the cold, waiting for my turn. After some delays and a chilli hot chocolate my time slot was called.

So it’s up the stairs to the first floor, a lift up to the twelfth, then one more flight of stairs take us to the utility room on the roof. Once kitted up in my harness, helmet and gloves, we stepped out on to the roof, attached to a safety line, where we all walked around to the side that we would lower ourselves over. Two by two, we were called forward, and then eventually, it was my time. The instructor connects me to my line, gives me a brief on the basics, then I am up on the ledge and lowering my self over the side-170ft up!

Over the edge!

Over the edge!

Over the ledge, feet set comfortably, there is only one thing for it-what goes up, must come down! Beginning to let the line out, I slowly start to walk down the side of the building, growing more confident with the grip I experience between the building – glass and all – and my shoes. Each step down, I let the line out a little faster, finding the stride and really getting in to the moment!

Going down!

Going down!

With growing confidence, the line moving through the harness at a fair pace now, I begin to bounce my way down the building-side. The floors are moving by, and all too quickly, I have run out of building, and am lowering myself the last few feet to the ground. Still, it was an amazing experience, all the better for raising a brilliant £287 for charity!

Think my next abseil will have to be off El Capitan! 🙂

Made it down! :)

Made it down! 🙂

My next abseil...?

My next abseil…?

Almost the weekend!

So following a brilliant weekend last weekend, I have another weekend to look forward to, one of ups and downs.

Well, more like a 170ft up, and hopefully a calm, controlled and pain-free down! Saturday sees me take on an abseil down an office building in sight of the iconic Wembley Stadium. With the added incentive of having raised a nice chunk of change for a wonderful charity – Rays of Sunshine (https://www.raysofsunshine.org.uk/) – this is going to be a great experience. And once completed, will make the first post in a section on Adrenaline & Experiences!

Beyond that, some chill out time is on the cards, especially with my purchase of the brand new Tomb Raider game! Only put in an hour of button bashing so far on this, but it already it has a dark, grown up feel that I hope revives the brand, minus the cheesiness! Wait a minute, there’s another blog section – Games & Films! This blogging is addictive once the creative juices start flowing…!

Anyway, enough for now! Next post will be once my feet reach Terra Firma after my abseil! 🙂

A hello from Kryten and some high-flying photography!

So the weekend took me on a great day out in London! A great place to visit, with so many new things to see every time you go.

This trip started by indulging my inner geek. A trip to Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue started the day with a massive test in self restraint. I have never seen so many comic book/super hero figures and asorted paraphenalia! Having managed to keep cash and cards firmly in my wallet, it was on to the real purpose of the visit, a book signing by Robert Llewellyn – famed as the man behind Red Dwarf’s Kryten. Friendly and accommodating, Llewellyn certainly made parting with money for his books and queueing to meet him seem worth while.

Onwards, to Tower Hill Station. Upon surfacing, the view moves from Tower Bridge over the Tower DSC00074aof London, and then to take in the immense and towering structure of The Shard – my surprise destination of the day. After a short stroll down and round the Tower to St Katherine’s Dock, time for a brief sit down and a coffee and croissant. Break time over, onwards over the Tower Bridge, taking in the views of The Shard, HMS Belfast and the Tower of London, and plenty of photo opps for me!



Arriving at The View from The Shard, security is cleared, and it’s time for the two-lift ride from floor 1 to 33, and 33 to 68 in an ear-popping sub-DSC00158minute ascent! A walk up one flight of stairs to floor 69, and the stunning long-range views over the city roll out on all four sides of this immense 1016ft glass and metal structure. With a 5pm visit, we got to enjoy sunset at such a height. A walk up a few more flights of stairs to floor 72 offers a slightly higher vantage, with the open-air aspect afforded by this fantastic piece of engineering and architecture.

Tired but happy, once again, a day in London always has something new to show!