Almost the weekend!

So following a brilliant weekend last weekend, I have another weekend to look forward to, one of ups and downs.

Well, more like a 170ft up, and hopefully a calm, controlled and pain-free down! Saturday sees me take on an abseil down an office building in sight of the iconic Wembley Stadium. With the added incentive of having raised a nice chunk of change for a wonderful charity – Rays of Sunshine ( – this is going to be a great experience. And once completed, will make the first post in a section on Adrenaline & Experiences!

Beyond that, some chill out time is on the cards, especially with my purchase of the brand new Tomb Raider game! Only put in an hour of button bashing so far on this, but it already it has a dark, grown up feel that I hope revives the brand, minus the cheesiness! Wait a minute, there’s another blog section – Games & Films! This blogging is addictive once the creative juices start flowing…!

Anyway, enough for now! Next post will be once my feet reach Terra Firma after my abseil! 🙂


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