The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything

No – this post is in no way connected to the classic Douglas Adams book. This is the first post of what may or may not become a new feature topic to The Psychology of Me, and that’s science. I have always been interested in science; it is such a huge part of everything around us. From the smallest things to the biggest, science has an impact in much of everyday life. Chemistry, physics and biology are everywhere and it’s in our understanding of these subjects that we live in the world we do.

If it wasn’t for our understanding of how coal, gas and oil burn at a chemical level, and our understanding of how we can use it to heat water, make steam and drive a turbine then there wouldn’t be the electricity powering the computer I am writing this on. Science is how we understand the things that go on around us. But science isn’t just confined to the pursuits of biology, chemistry and physics. There is social science, too.

Biology, chemistry and physics are the disciplines through which we try to gain a better understanding of the world around us. Social science is concerned with how we fit in to this world. It looks at law, economics, psychology and sociology. At its further reaches, it can also include law and history. Psychology – the study of the human condition. A subject I studied at school and became fascinated in. I love science, but as a creature moving through the world and the cycle of life, humans are complicated, unpredictable and really very interesting. History helps us to understand who we were and where we came from.

As we move through this life we understand the world better, and understand ourselves better. Technology helps us to expand the knowledge we have, and make accessing and sharing that knowledge easier all the time. The internet is a wealth of information, once you manage to trawl through the less-scientific material to reach the real gems. There are some fantastic sites out there that help make science accessible to the masses. A real gem started out as a page on Facebook. It grew in followers, and has its own website:

Hopefully, with all the information and ideas out there, this will become a topic that I will work on and expand. There is a whole universe of subject matter to pick from, so I will definitely give it a go. But that will do for now, so I will leave you with this final thought: