That Festive Feeling

The nights have drawn in and the days have gotten shorter. With a speed even Usain Bolt could only dream of, Christmas has snuck up on us again. That’s right, it’s almost Christmas again! In fact, there’s just 3 more sleeps until the jolly fat man in red squeezes down the chimney, steals all our milk, mince pies and carrots for his red nosed buddy, and leaves a few treats under the tree.

My inner child has been in overdrive this year, with this being my first Christmas in my new house. Since late November it has been screaming louder than Buddy the Elf at the thought of Santa’s arrival. Without a shadow of a doubt, Christmas is my favourite season of all – as if you hadn’t already guessed that yet.

The obligatory, hideous Christmas jumper gets an airing ahead of its annual appearance. My car has been a cacophony of seasonal tunes with my yearly playlist getting played on repeat. And who can forget all the wonderful Christmas films. And it doesn’t seem to matter how old these films are (Home Alone was released 25 years ago this year!) they never loose their charm. I have seen plenty of them every single Christmas, and I never tire of them.

And it also means the Christmas adverts start in earnest on our TVs. For the last few years, here in the UK the mantle of best advert has pretty much fallen squarely on the shoulders of the department store John Lewis. First they had their snow people adverts, then last year they brought us The Bear and The Hare. In both cases the company managed to play on the emotion of the season to impressive effect. This year they have given us Monty the Penguin. While last year’s ad was a tall order to best, they have at least managed to once again strike the emotional cord again.

But this year, another UK supermarket has jumped on the band wagon. Sainsbury’s have stepped in to the ring with their attempt at using emotion and the depths of human sentiment to get us rushing through their doors. The approach here was to tie in with the centenary of the beginning of World War I. More to the point, they have played on the well-known account of a ceasefire between both sides on Christmas Day 1914. Both sides met on the battlegrounds once again, not as enemies, but as humans. Stories where shared, laughter, even a rumoured game of football between German and British men. In the story painted by Sainsbury’s, a British soldier embraces the spirit of the season in giving a German soldier his coat, knowing his Christmas gift of chocolate from home was still in the pocket.

While it makes for a wonderful idea, I cannot help but feel there is something slightly wrong about the idea of selling Christmas off the back of a heart-warming story during one of the most horrifying events in History, but that’s just my opinion. And while these work on the heart strings, you can never beat the age old classic: glimpses of a red lorry through the trees while the now-famous “Holidays are coming” chant is repeated. Nothing comes close to the brilliant Coca Cola adverts.

But before I go, the geek in me wants to share this fantastic spin on a Christmas song from the crew of the USS Enterprise, enjoy!

Well all that leaves me to say is have a very Merry Christmas everyone! I am off to listen to some Christmas songs, while settling down to read that all-time classic, A Christmas Carol, and make some new Festive traditions in my first home.

Do you have any Christmas traditions – new or old? What are your favourite songs, films and adverts at this time of year? Or more importantly, what does Christmas mean to you? Let me know in the comments section! 🙂